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  • 02.09  Sicherheitsglastechnik
  • 02.09.02  Verbundglastechnik
  •  Verbundglastechnik mit Folie für Autoglas

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Produktkategorie: Verbundglastechnik mit Folie für Autoglas


- Cycle Time: 12-20 sec
- Automatic pattern change
- Vision systems to center PVB and to guide the cutting knives
- Vinyl peel-off from stack
- PVB sheet handling
- Glass handling & squaring
- PVB robotic cutting
- PVB Excess evacuation

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Produktkategorie: Verbundglastechnik mit Folie für Autoglas


- Cycle Time: 12-20 sec
- Feedback control of applied force on the edge of the glass
- Auto blades change
- Auto pattern change
- “Soft core” cutting blades
- Off-sets to cutting parameters from HMI
- IRC5 control unit for multiple robots
- From one up to three robots in the trimming process depending on lay-out
- Automatic removing of trimmed PVB and collecting out of fences

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Produktkategorie: Verbundglastechnik mit Folie für Autoglas


- Detecting of bending iron centring points deformations
- Detecting of bending iron perimeter deformations
- Software interface with line PLC
- On-line display of the measures
- Measurement time: 15 sec
- Vision system
- 2 Laser sensors
- Data storage in Access DB
- In-line measurement

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ICAPGROUP is a business partner for Customers seeking innovative and reliable solutions to design, implement and manage complex systems through automation and modern technology.

Today ICAPGROUP headquarter is located in Italy and manages a worldwide network of offices and Customers on the 5 Continents.

Its products show 25 years of permanent innovation.

ICAPGROUP has a steady growth over time , following the ' Evolution of technologies, customer requirements and Markets.

Today ICAPGROUP is comprised by three companies:

dedicated to general automation and plant engineering;

established with focus for the glass industry specially connected to the automotive market;

Icap Trading Co
located in Shanghai to be a landmark in the Asian market, also taking care of the after-sales and maintenance activities.

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